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Entrepreneurial Spirit

Curt's RV Office

Curt’s RV Office

Considering that I have spent about 3/4 of my adult life working for myself in one way or another, I suppose I would say that at my core I’m an entrepreneur.  Although I will readily admit it still requires spellcheck for me to write that word. By definition, an entrepreneur is someone who operates a business taking on greater than normal financial risks. That’s been true for me, for the most part. But I have also worked for others a fair portion of the time as well. Each has its pros and cons. But my spirit is that of a roaming loner, who likes things to be pretty loose – I am not much of a planner, and I have a relatively short attention span which only challenges will keep engaged.


I would say that my occupation is most aptly described as a consultant. I give advice, direction, intellectual property and leadership to my clients on things that I have experience doing. I have a strict rule that I must admit to any client when I encounter something with which I have no direct experience. I mostly work within the behavioral healthcare sector, specifically in the substance use disorder and mental health treatment subset.

Here are several areas I currently consult within:

  • I provide turnaround and gap leadership to the healthcare industry, more specifically, drug and alcohol treatment centers around the country. These gigs can be anywhere from a few months to years in duration, depending on the site and many other variables. I typically assume a job description in the organization (e.g. Facility CEO,  COO or Executive Director) and become the interim leader of the center. I will travel relatively anywhere in my RV to handle these assignments.
  • I help other entrepreneurs and companies start healthcare facilities by writing business plans, cash pro forma, strategic plans, business development plans, policies and procedures, accreditation plans, and a host of other associated functions.
  • I provide onsite leadership and development for startups, as well as ongoing consultation and coaching.


I am in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction since October 23, 2000. As such I know all to well how difficult the process can be and have developed a skillset for working with the addicted population and their families. In this effort, I help get families well. I italicized that word because far too frequently this effort is focused on the so-called identified patient, the addicted person. The truth is that everyone is involved, to some degree or other – and everyone is suffering. Based on stigma, poorly produced TV shows and documentaries, and archaic thoughts and attitudes, addiction is one of the most misunderstood illnesses affecting a large segment of the population. In reality, addiction affects every single human on the planet, either directly or indirectly, and it goes without saying that it wields tragic destruction.

I try to help families get a solid start in recovery as an interventionist, and they only have to change one thing – everything!

Web Design

I own a web design design firm based in Dallas. Normally, I don’t work there, it is quite capably run by a dynamic and dedicated leader and some really cool employees. That said, when I am in between other projects, I jump and help screw things up (haha). The web firm was created as the result of a friend of mine whose website I thought needed redesign, which I did, and then he started sending customers my way. Yeah, just like that! It’s a cool little company, and I’m proud to employ a few people who have livelihoods they love and who, since everything is project-driven, dictate their own work schedules. We really are a flex schedule company.

An upcoming project I’m doing the recon on right now is to employ RV Nomad crews to go onsite to my customer locations and shoot footage and edit this into media content. Stay tuned, and if you are an established RV crew with a great YouTube content channel hit me up and let’s talk! Having only recently created the time to begin to create my own content of an RV adventure that’s just passed the three year mark, I am really excited at how much is happening out there! My content is really limited presently, for instance, my YouTube channel has ONE subscriber! Gotta work on that.

Ultimately, I want to be able to continue to travel where I want to go, and stay for as long as I want to stay, and soak it all up along the way. That’s why the leap in RV Nomad lifestyle was a pretty easy one for me. Actually, I had been thinking about it for decades. I always pondered the fact that I lived in 2500+ square foot houses and only truly used about 250 square feet. Things remain the same now! I love that!