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Living the Dream

Full-time RV life. Pushing the limits of adventure.


I’m Curt. In 2016 we abandoned the sticks and bricks and took to full-time RV life. Me and my two dogs, Remy & Reese. Remy has moved on from this life, but Rufus has joined Reese and me and we’re having a blast!

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The inside world is consistent, my mild to medium OCD thrives on this because everything in my house is always in the same place. Always the same comfortable bed, The coffee maker is always ready.



The outside world is always different, and often among the most awesome places. The theme, winter or summer, is largely up to me. If I grow tired of the surroundings, I change them.



The challenge of the adventure. RVs require constant upkeep and maintenance, and are prone to issues. I have grown to enjoy solving these problems, even the stopovers they sometimes require.

Blog Articles

Dogs, Family and Grief

Dogs, Family and Grief

As I pass the 72nd hour since sweet Remy's departure from us, I find myself still having a really hard time moving through the grief process. I realize it's very early in this process too. My emotions are up and down, vacillating between tremendous pain and fond...

Holy Sh*t, I Hit a Bridge!

Holy Sh*t, I Hit a Bridge!

A little more than a year ago, in September of 2017, a tragedy of sorts occurred on this road life I live. I struggled with sharing this on here, mostly because of pride issues, but hey, this is an honest portrayal of my experiences RVing, so this story belongs here....

New Hampshire

New Hampshire

While in New Hampshire on an extended (3 years, 4 months) work project, I got tired of driving around the state to the various sites of the treatment centers I was operationally responsible for and began to toy with the idea of getting rid of the house and...

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